“Luck of the Draw”

The Inaugural WSOP I C K L E ( Main Event – the richest, most anticipated Pickleball Doubles event of all time - will be held March 10th thru March 12, 2023 at distinguished venues across the beautiful Boca Raton, FL area.

With a guaranteed prize pool of $25,000 to a potential $150,000, an expected 720 players will participate as individual entrants in a revolutionary doubles format where each player will play one game to 15 with each of the other players in their randomly drawn Pod of 9 players.

Each Pod will have its own designated court(s) until all games are completed, so players will not have to wait longer than 10 minutes between games. 

Once assigned to a pod, each player in the pod will play one game of doubles with each of the
other members in their pod as a partner.

Since there are nine players in each pod, each player
will play eight games with eight different partners and sit out one game during this process.

At the end of all of the games in the pod, the top 3 performers will advance out of the pod and
into a new pod made up of other advancing players.

Once in the new pod, the process begins
anew with small changes coming in the later rounds.

We aim to find the best
doubles player and not the best doubles team.

After a possible 35 total games over 3 days, one Champion will take home at least $45,000 and the prestigious Gold First Serve Bracelet.*

WSOP I C K L E Saint James Tea Main Event guarantees first place a minimum of $12,500!

This event is OPEN to all AGES and GENDERS.

*Based on 720 Buy-Ins. Top 9 of 720 DUPR Ratings will receive automatic byes into 2nd Round

**Please Note: WSOPICKLE is not associated with DUPR in any way.


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Prize Structure

PRIZE POOL - $151,200.00

1ST (30%): $45,360

2ND (15%): $22,680

3RD (6.5%): $9,828

4TH (6.5%): $9,828

5-18TH (16%): $2,016

19TH - 81ST (26%): $819

Based on 720 Entries

Subject to Change