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What is the WSOPICKLE?

The WSOPICKLE is a multi-day doubles Pickleball event consisting of one large Main Event and numerous smaller Circuit Events all taking place from March 3-5, 2023 at various venues across Boca Raton, Florida.

In short, players will participate as individual entrants in a revolutionary doubles format where each player will play one game of Tradtional Scoring to 11 with each of the other players in their randomly drawn Pod.

To be succinct, our approach is “playing doubles as a single”. Players will sign up as individual players and are not tied to any specific partner for the duration of their involvement in the tournament. We aim to find the best doubles player and not the best doubles team.

For more information about the WSOPICKLE, click HERE.


Broken Sound Country Club

Lifetime Fitness Boca Raton

Racquet Club at Lotus

Boca Bridges

Dedicated Courts & Nets ONLY

All courts will be dedicated pickleball courts with dedicated nets. There will be no temporary nets or taped lines.

How does each event work?

Once assigned to a pod, each player in the pod will play one game of doubles with each of the other members in their pod as a partner.

If there are nine players in each pod, each player will play eight games with eight different partners and sit out one game during this process.

At the end of all of the games in the pod, the top performers will advance out of the pod and into a new pod made up of other advancing players.

Once in the new pod, the process begins anew with small changes coming in the later rounds.

All players must use USA Pickleball approved paddles for each event unless stated otherwise.

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Prize Pool & Payout Structure

100% of all buy-in's will go towards the individual event's prize pool.

For a list of all Bracelet events and prize structures, please see each event's registration page.

Click Here for the Main Event

All winnings will be processed into each player's PlayTKD bank. PlayTKD withdrawal options are Venmo, Paypal, and check.

Due to the large payouts on certain events, any winnings above $5,000 will be processed by check.

All Bracelet Events are OPEN rated with a minimum rating

All Bracelet Events are OPEN Rating.

Therefore, in order to keep up with the integrity of play, all players must be required to have a minimum DINK Rating of 3.5, DUPR Rating of 4.0, or receive a G.A.R.Y. Exemption for those who do not have either.

For those who do not quailify for a Bracelet Event, please see Rating Based Moneyballs which will be held on March 11-12 throughout the day. Please check back soon for a schedule of Rating-Based Moneyballs

How to Sign Up

At this current time, the only way to register for any WSOPICKLE Event is by purchasing an Event Ticket thru the website.

Click HERE for the full event registration list.

Please note: You will be redirected to the WSOP I C K L E Lobby on If you do not have an account, you will need to create one.

What if I don't qualify due to my DINK or DUPR rating and I'm registered?

For those players who don't have an established DINK Rating of 3.5 or higher, and/or DUPR Rating of 4.0 or higher, you must apply for a somewhat lenient G.A.R.Y. Exemption.

If you still don't qualify thru a G.A.R.Y. exemption by registration deadline, you will be refunded 100% of your buy-in & registration fee.

  • The Saint James Tea WSOPICKLE Main Event Bracelet

    MAR 3-5

    Max. 180 Players

    $210 Buy-In +



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    Register Here 


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