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What is the WSOPICKLE?

The WSOPICKLE is a multi-day doubles Pickleball event consisting of one large Main Game and numerous smaller Circuit Games.

In short, players will participate as individual entrants in a revolutionary doubles format where each player will play one game of Traditional Scoring to 11 with each of the other players in their randomly drawn Pod.

To be succinct, our approach is “playing doubles as a single”. Players will sign up as individual players and are not tied to any specific partner for the duration of their involvement in the tournament. We aim to find the best doubles player and not the best doubles team.

For all information about the WSOPICKLE, please create an account at playTKD and proceed to the WSOPICKLE Lobby on the main dashboard.

How does each game work?

Once assigned to a pod, each player in the pod will play one game of doubles with each of the other members in their pod as a partner.

If there are nine players in each pod, each player will play eight games with eight different partners and sit out one game during this process.

At the end of all of the games in the pod, the top performers will advance out of the pod and into a new pod made up of other advancing players.

Once in the new pod, the process begins anew with small changes coming in the later rounds.

All players must use USA Pickleball approved paddles for each event unless stated otherwise.

Basic Rules of Play

Ball: Onix Dura Fast 40 Yellow

Scoring: Traditional to 11, no win by 2

Format: playTKD’s partyPICKLE

What is partyPICKLE? 

partyPICKLE is a revolutionary pod-based format where participants play one doubles game with each of the other members of their pod.
If it is an eight person pod, you will play seven games with seven different doubles partners.

You are competing in a doubles event without a set partner.

Do I choose my partner? How do I play doubles without my partner of choice?

The WSOPICKLE is not a set team event. You do not enter with a partner as you are an individual joining a pod of players who will participate in a partyPICKLE.

In short, you are playing doubles with many partners in this event that are randomly drawn prior to the start of the event.

If you have any more questions, please email us at

All "Gold Band" Games are OPEN rated with minimum rating

All "Gold Band" Games are OPEN Rating.

Therefore, in order to keep up with the integrity of play, all players must be required to have a minimum DINK Rating of +70%, DUPR Rating of 4.0, or receive a G.A.R.Y. Exemption for those who do not have either.

For those who do not quailify for an Open Event, please see Rating Based Moneyballs which will be held throughout the weekend Please check back soon for a schedule of Rating-Based Moneyballs

What if I don't qualify due to my DINK or DUPR rating?

For those players who don't have an established DINK Rating of +70%, and/or DUPR Rating of 4.0 or higher, you must apply for a somewhat lenient G.A.R.Y. Exemption.